Niki Payne has over 3000 hours of education, training, and experience in hypnotherapy and self-improvement. She holds a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy with honors from the nationally accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute along with multiple certifications in handwriting analysis, NLP, therapeutic imagery, and hypnosis for anxiety, weight loss, and pain management. Niki also lives and breathes personal growth and development, making it a personal commitment to invest in her own personal development on average of once per quarter.

Niki is currently in her final year of graduate school pursuing a master’s in clinical psychology, specializing in marriage and family therapy. She practices what she preaches by working with a coach, hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist of her own to stay on her A game. You can learn more about Niki’s educational experiences by visiting her hypnotherapist profile at https://hypnosis.edu/hypnotherapists/niki-payne/.