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Enjoy affordable hypnotherapy in LA. See below for current rates or request financial assistance. For your convenience, you may choose from our office in Torrance, CA or West Los Angeles, CA. For greater flexibility, we can consult with you via phone or video conference. Try a free phone consultation today to explore the wonder of hypnotherapy or to ask us specific questions. Hypnotherapy is a sound investment in your well-being—just like excellent nutrition, exercise and hydration. Together, we will give you the support you need so you can resolve issues, embrace positivity and realize success.

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Individual Sessions

Initial Hypnotherapy Intake Session – $200* | 90 minutes

Your first hypnotherapy session will be longer than any other subsequent session. This first session is designed to help prioritize your goals, identify the obstacles, and condition you for hypnosis.

*Ask how you can get your first hypnotherapy session free.

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Individual Hypnotherapy Session – $150 | 50 minutes

A standard hypnotherapy session lasts for about 50 minutes and typically includes a cognitive discussion followed by hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions for positive change.

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We do not currently accept insurance. However, we can provide a Superbill, or itemized list of services provided, for you to submit a request reimbursement directly to your insurance provider in the event that hypnotherapy services are covered.

Have unique financial challenges?

Hypnodipity seldom turns people away due to financial challenges. In fact, financial aid is available for qualifying clients to ensure affordable hypnotherapy in Los Angeles. Sliding scale fees will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Fees are due at the time of your session and can be paid online or in-person by cash or credit/debit card. To discuss alternative payment arrangements, email us.

For group rates and other inquiries, please email info@hypnodipity.com.